Gain Review to Catch More Customers

Updated 12 August 2021

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Gain Review To Catch Customer

Nowadays merchants are focusing to provide quick and efficient customer services so that they could get more review to attract new customer. In the way, they are focusing to provide best services.

Merchants are providing more money and time than necessary to get the online reviews and more customer.

Welcome to a new era of marketing and service in which your brand is defined by those who experience it.

                                                                             Brian Solis
Social Media Expert

1. Get Review Easily

By providing the best services you can get reviews easily. The merchant should provide the best services to their customer and ask for the reviews. If the customers find the things satisfactory, he will give the review.

The merchant can do the things mandatory for getting the reviews if they have a large number of customers.

Example: When we use the OLA or Uber they ask the reviews after every service.

2. Providing Quick Support

In an organization merchant and his team have the good experiences if they got a positive review from their customers. It is a great feeling to a merchant if he hears that his customer has been satisfied by their services.

If a merchant giving the best support and services to the customer they have no doubt about giving the reviews.

There are some ways of providing quick support:

3. Follow-Ups

When you follow up with customers and ask them about their experiences, you are telling the customer you care about them. If the customers find the real reason to get your services they never dismissed the request.

Sometimes the customer is being busy with work and they skip your message. Follow-up is the best way to remind them to give a response.

Like Flipkart always gives a mail about the review in every purchase of the product.

4. Social Media Strategy

Reviews play an important role to purchase of a product. According to a review tracker, 90 per cent of customers are looking for a positive review when they are going to buy a product.

Social media strategy is a better way to elaborate your services on a platform where people gives their time.

Every startup company first started their business promotion using social media (like Facebook).

5. Reward Your Customer For The Reviews

Incentives are always important. When a customer got an incentive to give a review of the product or services. The merchant should have a plan that if a customer gives the reviews like five times then he will get a coupon or discount.

6.Organized Data

In an organization, if the data are kept in a structured manner. When customer visited a place for purchasing goods they looking for the product in an organised manner if they do not get the same looking unsatisfied.

In any software industry if the customer is looking for any product and if he did not get all the information at a place then it is totally waste of his time. This creates a negative view of the company in his mind.

7. Give Notification In Application

Nowadays everyone uses the smartphone. Every online marketing company or social media have own app. So merchant has to look for the customer perfect mind setup so he gets a review at right time.

Example: Instagram gives the review notification if the customer posted something on Instagram.

8. Never Delete a Negative Reviews

If you delete the reviews and someone noticed that you really heart that time. You should apologize when someone writes the negative review, understand their problem and give the assurance to correct the fault.

9. Say Thanks To Every Reviewer

Saying thanks to anyone makes a positive impact. When a customer gives a review of your product or services. You Should have to say thanks and ask them for future services.

If the customer is satisfied with your services he definitely looks for another service if he needs. When you notice one to one person then it will create a positive impact on the reviewer.

10. Ask For The Reviews

In the presence of the customer, we can generally ask for the reviews. For example, if you have resolved the concern of your customer then you can ask for the review, for sure your customer will leave wow review.

In the case of any doubt, please email us at support@uvdesk.com and we will surely come up with the best possible solution.

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