Convert your store into the marketplace to generate profit

Updated 17 August 2021

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Due to the rapid growth, competition, and advancement in technology, the way to deal or manage e-commerce business has been changed. The new strategies have taken place to make optimum utilization of your online shop for generating the profit.

For the growth of business plus generating higher profit nowadays, store owners are opting the strategy of multi-vendor selling so that they could get the better product for selling at their store.

Which will build a good image furthermore allow you to earn from your vendors, being a store owner could also be the excellent choice to earn profit instead of selling.

But building a marketplace is full of complexity and also a very wide topic and that’s why we have developed highly modular extensions to make the entire operations easy for you.

All of our marketplace product holds loads of supported addons. Which will help you in creating multi-functional e-commerce multi-seller system.

Store and its type are drafted below:

Standard Shop:

In this kind of store, admin adds his all the product and sells them directly to the buyers. This is the case you might be having the limited product with high pricing which may not get enough sale for you.

No extra income else than the profit which you have earned by selling your product. But yes there will be extra expenses related to your store plus selling which you ought to pay from your earned profit.

Standard Shop

Shop cum Marketplace:

In this kind of store, admin adds his product and allows other vendors too for selling on his store. In this case, you may get good earning which will help you in managing all your store related moreover selling related expenses so that you can save your profits earned by your own product selling.

Store Cum Marketplace

True Marketplace:

In this kind of store, admin does not add the product from his side instead allows other vendors/sellers to add the product for selling on his store.

In this case, you can allow as many vendors as much you could and with the help of a multivendor marketplace plugin, you will be able to easily manage your store along with your vendors. So this could be the best way for you to earn profit through your store using the extension even without selling your product.

True Marketplace

How to convert store into a marketplace for generating more profit?

Multi Vendor Marketplace

The multi-vendor app can convert your store into a multi-seller/ supplier marketplace using which you can charge the fee from your vendors/sellers to allow them selling on your store.

Drafting out the few connectors name built by Webkul:

1 – Magento Marketplace Multi-Vendor Module

2 – Marketplace Multi-Vendor Module for Magento2

3 – Opencart Marketplace

4 – Shopify Multi-Vendor Marketplace

5 – CS-Cart Multi-Vendor Marketplace

6 – WordPress WooCommerce Multi-Vendor Marketplace

7 – Odoo Multi-Vendor Marketplace

Revenue generation from your marketplace store

As Marketplace businesses are long-term drives being a Marketplace master choosing an income or pricing model for the marketplace is one of the most major judgment. And to build a sustainable and a thriving marketplace, you need to obtain a business model which can fund your business operations.

In general, there are three types of pricing models

Offering multiple pricing models to your vendors/sellers can be beneficial for you to earn smartly.

1 – Commission

2 – Membership

3 – Advertisement

1 – Commission based pricing model:


Business tycoons like Etsy, eBay extend to this type of pricing model to be understood in the most lucid format then it is like cutting a slice from the whole transaction for providing a sophisticated platform.

Marketplace provides the platform for carrying out the transaction between the customer and the seller and charges a fixed percentage of commission for every transaction.

This type of model has most eyeballs towards it because until the seller’s earning initiates from the marketplace it does not charge any amount.

The commission can be set for various categories from you for diverse products/ sellers/vendors. So you also can opt this model to earn from your vendors or sellers.

In this kind of pricing model, you will be needing a Split Payment system, using which you can split a payment up in two or more transactions and capture smaller parts of the amount one at a time.

2 – Membership/ Subscription:


This kind of model involves the payment of the recrudesce fee for continuing with the services. And includes the accurate analysis of data regarding the services are being offered. You also can offer various types of membership plan like Basic, Silver, Gold, and Platinum to earn from your vendors to let them grow.

In membership/ subscription sellers or vendors are charged with the recurring fee to access marketplace. After the subscription marketplace allows vendors to sell their products on the marketplace to reach out more customers based on their membership plan.


Displaying the product as an advertisement on the top can open the gate for attracting new customers. It also involves the payment of extra money for making the presence on the top of the store and it can be a fruitful tactic of revenue generation for you.

A few subcategories of pricing models under advertisements are:

  • Cost Per Click
  • Cost Per Action
  • Cost Per Mille

Being a competitive platform, pricing models are affected by a number of factors as discussed downwards:

Network Effect:

The bulkier the marketplace, the better is rush. Here the value of a product/service depends upon its valuable users. For the eye-catching offerings, the commission standards are set high and this makes the whole system highly competitive.

Transaction, Store, and Volume:

A detailed analysis of bit by bit procedure is to be considered so as to reduce the complexities and generate effective revenues. The volume of transactions, the size of inventory and the type of service, it all greatly contribute to the whole marketplace and its vendors.

Quality V/S Quantity:

The store can be diversified but the course can be diversified. With the passage of time, the revenue systems can be intermingled to call for higher profits. The involvement of various revenue options provides access to an eager mass of customers and it helps in obtaining the higher volume of traffic.

Marginal Cost:

The setting of cost for various vendors and various products as a share or cut is a very hectic process and it is greatly affected by the product value.


The complexity of the system makes it a clumsy process to carry out the transactions and run other operations but with advancement in competition and technology, it has become a necessity. A marketplace works better with the contribution of connectors and connectors opens vast fields for exploring a better world of services.

In the case of any doubt, please email us at support@uvdesk.com and we will surely come up with the best solution possible.

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