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The UVdesk Opensource API correlates with the Representational State Transfer category (REST) that allows to perform several ticket related operation like fetching all tickets, deleting ticket, creating a new ticket and load ticket data. These API’s can be used to perform ticket related operation in Helpdesk system to other third-party applications.

This API includes all the information about the tickets such as ticket Id, subject, ticket status, priority, groups, and others.

However, to achieve this job you have to integrate an API bundle first with your installed helpdesk project.

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How to get API call resource?

Follow the below steps to make the integration done:

Step 1: Open the root directory in terminal and run below command:

$ composer require uvdesk/api-bundle

This will create a separate bundle into your helpdesk project. You can achieve this by navigating through Dashboard –> Settings –> API similar as below screenshot:

Step 2: After installing API bundle run the below command:

$ php bin/console doctrine:schema:update --force

This command will update the helpdesk database value as well as doctrine ORM.

Note: The above commands should not be used in the production mode.

Step 3: API Access Token

Once you’ll click on the API button, it will redirect you to the API access token page. Here you can access API credentials.

Click on API credential button from the top right corner as shown below:

Once you will click on the “Access Credentials” button it will ask you the token name. Give the name and enable credentials than save it.

Once you’ll click on Save credentials button, you’ll get the access token similar to the below screenshot. Here, you can also see the created date for the creation of API access token.

Although, you can also disable or delete API token with the help of the respective button.

After that, you have to make the following changes in security.yaml file by navigating through config –>> packages –>> security.yaml. 

Do the simple changes in the position of uvdesk_api, just place it after the back support in firewalls or before customer function as shown below:

Check API Using Postman:

Example: Getting all tickets using API  



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