7 Ways to Deliver Superior Customer Experience During this Holiday Rush

Updated 1 March 2022

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Are you ready with your support champs to handle the customer inrush of this holiday season?

This is the right question we need to ask ourselves to find a plausible way to manage support requests well before the peak time begins.

During the holiday season, traffic increases at every part like buying, exchange, replacement, and many more.

The service queries also increase up to 40–50%. It makes exhausting and stressful work life of merchants especially the life of support team.

High work pressure and hectic schedule shake the perseverance of the support unit and then an exhausted agent surely diminishes customer support quality, you may have the peril to lose your customers and company’s fame.

In such conditions, organizations often start leaving things as it is or hiring additional staff to balance the overall work process.

But this step is gonna take a hefty part of your budget. But, an efficient e-commerce solution is usually ignored — automated personalized support.

Almost every e-commerce business is using the help desk system and paying a good amount for that, here I would like to announce that we’re launching UVdesk OpenSource helpdesk very soon.

All the e-commerce merchants and developers now come together to utilize, experience, develop and grow.

For all the start-ups, small and medium-size businesses affording a full-fledge helpdesk system isn’t possible, and if anyhow they afford it’s taking a big portion of their budget which they can utilize somewhere else.

So we the Webkul are launching full fledge UVdesk OpenSource Helpdesk to overcome the workload of merchants to expand and grow their business.

UVdesk OpenSource

It holds enough features to collect, route, automate, resolve plus reduce the concern and inquiry related to the customer support part.

It’s a complete solution for Agent experience enhancement.

UVdesk OpenSource is bringing a better communication approach in the e-commerce world for all the merchants, customers, and support assistants.

This solution makes overall operations easy to improve customer satisfaction part which directly benefits your business and adds revenue too.

#1. Stay Cool and Empathic

The first and foremost thing is the availability of the support team to deal with customers for high conversion during the holiday season. So check with the team and tight them for the same to be responsive towards shoppers.

And the second most important thing is to stay cool and empathic towards the customers. All the customers are in hurry to get the things done whether it’s their query or any kind of order and it is your duty to help them in doing so.

#2. Reduce Pain Points

Re-check your whole website as a buyer, perform every single step which whatever your buyer can execute. It may go incorrect and bother your customer.

Find and fix all issues to minimize the troubles. So that all your buyers can enjoy the festive season happily using your services products and items to reduce inquiry count.

#3. Fair Allocation of Task

Pre decides and divides the task so that coming traffic could route to the right Agent for the appropriate resolution. Adequate distribution of the task and pre-defined steps will help merchant and support team to deal, hold, route, and resolve the inquiries and footfalls of customers.

#4. Open Source Help Desk

Many help desks are helping e-commerce merchants. It helps in easier their task but charging amount as well. However, merchants are balancing the budget to deliver better communication medium for their agents and customers.

The counting of Open Source Help Desk like UVdesk is rarest. The help desk has become a vital part of the e-commerce business. It is hard to balance e-commerce business swiftly without support tools.

The building help desk is the next difficult task for any start-ups, small, medium, or even large size of business. It requires a huge investment of time, tech, and money along with high maintenance, upgrades, and advancements.

Better to opt UVdesk OpenSource Help Desk which provides sufficient features for free to every e-commerce merchant to regulate, route, and balance shoppers and assistants simply.

Developers, innovators are now welcome to contribute their efforts to add value in UVdesk, make your own help desk system using Open Source Help Desk — UVdesk.

#5. Maintain Knowledgebase

Did you know that merchants or support teams can diverge up to 50% of support requests using UVdesk OpenSource that too for free? Use your brand color, logo, and favicon to completely convert UVdesk as your help desk.

Create an up-to-date knowledge base and update all the changes if there is any to reduce the inquiry count and let the customer help themselves.

A customer can serve oneself as knowledgebase is available 24*7. Merchant or Support Agent can share the article link instead of writing, this will save their time which can be utilized for other pending tasks.

#6. Lit the website with festive sparks

Use festive sparks, banners to decorate your website. It makes customers feel festive vibes and continue shopping with special zeal. It will help all the e-commerce merchants to attract new eye falls to the website.

Discounts, offers, sales, and rewards will keep your customer so keen to re-visit the website and will help in generating more sales.

#7. Automation is Important

Without automated tools, support assistants will end up scratching their heads during the holiday season and a burned support assistant can ruin the hard work of other assistants by treating the customer in the wrong way.

In order to reduce high work pressure use automated rules to send a pre-set personalized acknowledgment for each and every inquiry by writing an appropriate email template using placeholders.

A merchant can notify their customer about the minimum and maximum response and resolution time, pre-setting it in the email template. So that whenever customers, shoppers, or buyers submit any query they get personalized yet automated acknowledgment with complete details.

Automated rule simplifies the work-life of Merchants and support teams. It routes the query to the right person and performs preset actions to stop repetition which consumes quality time.

A customized and maintained UVdesk OpenSource Helpdesk will hold and route customer inquiries and simplify agents’ tasks. So that they could achieve their goals of the celebratory season.

If you have any queries feel free to ask your e-commerce evangelist is ready to help raise your concern at support@uvdesk.com or refer to the link.

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