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The WooCommerce Order Fetch plugin allows users to connect several WooCommerce channels to the UVdesk open-source help desk.

It confirms the specifics of the order number on support tickets generated by each channel. 

What is the Need for the Open Source WooCommerce Order Fetch Module?

It enhances your helpdesk system’s capabilities by retrieving real-time order information from your customer’s WooCommerce website on a support ticket. 

It also supports live order syncing and which saves time to support agents by verifying that a query is genuine.

Highlighted Features :

Ecommerce is Fully Integrated

It includes a number of features in the helpdesk system.

UVdesk may Integrate with WooCommerce

The UVdesk Open Source Helpdesk and the WooCommerce store link.

Order Synchronization in Real-Time

All order-related information is retrieved in real-time.

Customer Service must be Better

The support person can provide continuous client care with this module.


1- Which version of UVdesk open-source does it support?

UVDesk version 1.0 or above requires to use of the WooCommerce Order Fetch module.

2- Is this module capable of retrieving customer inquiries from WooCommerce?

Only order-related information from a support ticket will be retrieved by this module.

3- On a WooCommerce ticket what kind of customer order details can we see?

This module supports tickets with order-related information such as order ID, description, quantity, total price, unit pricing, and as well as shipping.

4- Is it necessary to have the eCommerce package installed in order to utilize this module?

Yes, you must have the eCommerce package because it requires.

5- Is the module’s source code available for free?

It’s built on an open-source technology stack and so you can make changes as needed.

Click Here –Installation & Configuration Guide

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