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UVdesk Open Source ToDo List App



This module enables ticket handlers to construct a ToDo task list on each ticket and mark the work as completed

What is the need for the UVdesk Open Builder Source ToDo List App module?

When the support staff swamps with tickets, they may overlook an essential detail for any ticket that requires resolving the problem, or they may create a list of tasks that must complete on that ticket to resolve the problem.

Highlighted Features :

Organize Multiple Tasks

As needed, the admin can add additional tasks to a single ticket.

Reduce the number of tasks that go uncompleted

Using this, no task will miss or skip, and all work will manage properly.

Prioritize and Manage your Chores Accordingly

Make a list of your responsibilities and rank them in order of importance.

Adding a Task is Simple

According to your needs or work pressure, you can assign any task to a specific ticket.


1-Is it possible to delete the job if necessary?

Yes, you may delete the task from your ToDo app whenever you like, and you are free to add or remove tasks from the same list as needed.

2-Is the new task on the ToDo app visible to customers as well?

No, the tasks added to the ToDo app will only be available to the admin or support personnel; only that person will be able to see or edit the tasks put to the ToDo list.

3-Is UVdesk required in order to utilize this app?

Yes, downloading UVdesk open-source is requires in order to use the ToDo app properly.

4-What actions should I take when the ToDo app is fully installed to complete the process?

After the app has been successfully installed, you can locate it in the upper right corner of each ticket page, where you can add tasks as needed.

Click Here –Installation & Configuration Guide

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