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UVdesk Open Source Form Builder Custom Field



The admin can modify the form to fulfill the requirements of the organization and even add custom sections.

What is the need for the UVdesk Open Builder Custom Fields module?

The user is allowed to design and generate variety for third-party websites. As a result, a sample of the custom form created with this tool is also available to the admin. The admin’s HTML code can be used to connect the output forms to another website.

Highlighted Features :

Wide Range

Admin can create a variety of customized forms.

Record Safely

Admins may keep customer records safe for when they need it, as well as adjust accordingly in the same forms with multiple custom fields.

Using Multiple Fields to Add Information

Admins may maintain client records safely whenever they need them, as well as make adjustments in the same forms with many custom fields.

Preview Customized Form

It allows the admin to preview the custom form that has been generated.


1-Is it possible to make as many custom forms as you want?

Yes, it’s possible that an admin creates any number of forms.

2- Can I check the preview of created the form?

Yes, the admin can check the preview of created form.

3-Is it possible for the admin to design custom forms for third-party websites?

Yes, the admin has the ability to simply design custom forms for third-party websites.

4-Is it easy to add and create forms?

Yes, the admin can design and add custom fields to the form, as well as constructor add a form based on the business’s demands.

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