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Users can have more information from the customer during the ticket creation while using UVdesk’s custom field.

What is the Need for the UVdesk Open Source Custom Fields Module?

This module helps custom fields to be added to ticket forms, and consumers can use these fields to provide information at the time of ticket creation.

Highlighted Features :

Refresh Custom Fields

Customers’ custom field data can simply be refreshed by the admin.

Dependent Custom Field

Depending upon the requirements the admin can create the custom dependent field.


By encoding and validating the data, the admin can change the safety and persistence of any particular field.

Type of Multiple Inputs

Depending on the data needed, the admin can add different input kinds at once, such as choose, radio, checkbox, file, and date & time. are all examples of text boxes.


1-Is it possible for the admin to establish the security and validation for any custom field?

Yes, any custom field’s security and validation can be configured by the admin.

2-Can the admin use multiple input types?

The admin can add various input kinds at once, depending on the information needed, such as text box, text area, select, radio, checkbox, file, date, and time.

3-Is it possible for the admins to add additional information utilizing custom fields?

The admin can also add extra information in custom field options as needed by using the custom field. 

4-Is it possible to alter customer-supplied custom field data?

The customer’s custom field information can be updated by the ticket handling agent/admin.

Click Here –Installation & Configuration Guide

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