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This add-on connects your OpenCart online store and the UVdesk Open Source Helpdesk system to sync and validate orders.

Why do we need an Open-Source OpenCart Order Fetch module?

This plugin connects numerous OpenCart channels to UVdesk open-source and support tickets, verifies the specifics of the order number generated by each channel. This module streamlines and simplifies the support process.

Highlighted Features :

Free Ticketing System for Helpdesks

To address service tickets, the OpenCart store owner can use free open-source support software.

OpenCart Back-Office Support Desk

Allows the store owner to deal with customer service tickets.

Buyers and Admins Interacting Effectively

Facilitates a productive interaction between the customer and the store owner, including attachments.

Support Requests Track in A Systematic Manner

This plugin keeps track of the information exchanged between the store owner and the customers.


1-How do I get OpenCart order information from a ticket?

To avoid bogus queries, UVdesk offers merchants can extract all order-related information from the ticket using OpenCart Order Fetch.

This integration will allow your support personnel to devote more time to the deserving customer.

2-How do I make an OpenCart helpdesk ticket type?

When a merchant adds or in the UVdesk backend, creates a ticket type, it will show up in the OpenCart helpdesk when a consumer creates a ticket.

This will assist merchants in using workflow to automate actions.

3-How do I create an OpenCart helpdesk group, team, and agent, as well as their privileges?

To provide faster customer support, merchants must manage the user section to form groups, teams, and agents, as well as set their privileges based on their needs.

Click Here –Installation & Configuration Guide

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