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Notes on Customer for UVdesk Open Source



Consumer data might include a variety of information about the customer that will be shown to all agents on all tickets for that customer. This agent can keep records of all of the customer’s records in a bucket.

What is the need for Notes on Customer for UVdesk Open Source?

Delivering item updates, upcoming discounts, or upcoming events, as well as other specific Notes on Customers for UVdesk is a terrific technique to deal with.

Highlighted Features :

Editor of Text

The agent can use the stylish editor to their liking, as it includes features such as bold, italic, adding attachments, and linking.

Keep a Journal

Instead of asking clients the same questions for each ticket, there is a way to save their information.

Simple Setup

Using this single Notes on Client app, you can effortlessly manage all of your customer notes.

Stylish Editor, you may Improve Customer Feedback.

Bold, Italic, adding an attachment, and linking are all available in the text editor in Notes on Customer. 


1- Is there any text editor in Notes on Customer for UVdesk “open-source”?

 Yes, there is a text editor.

2- Can I use smart features in Notes on Customers?

 Yes, it is easy to use, here the agent can easily set up the directory regarding all previous records of customers and many options to get faster and easy

3-When you’ve finished installing Notes on the customer’s PC, what will you do next?

Go to your admin panel after you’ve installed the program, and you’ll find some remarks regarding the customer decision in the right corner.

4-Is it necessary to have UVdesk installed in order to use this app?

Yes, you may use notes on the customer app by installing UVdesk “open-source.”

Click Here –Installation & Configuration Guide

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