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BigCommerce Order Fetch – UVdesk Open Source



This module verifies connected order data from your BigCommerce stores.

Support requests submitted by customers, it provides order information, shipment information, and payment information.


What is the Need for an Open Source BigCommerce Order Fetch Module?

It helps to check linked order information on customer support tickets immediately.


Highlighted Features :

Use Order Information to Easily Manage Tickets
Having all of your client questions as well as live order details in one location makes it easier to manage tickets.

Reduce the Amount of Work
Discriminating between real and fraudulent inquiries and support personnel or owners can save time.

One Dashboard, but there’s a lot of eCommerce Integration
Add several eCommerce channels and as well as to authenticate the information of the order number coming from each one.

Support Ticket Resolution is Quick Immediate
By checking the order ID and the admin or support agent can provide an immediate response to the ticket.



1-Can I manage one dashboard with numerous integration?
  Yes, it can be easily managed in one dashboard with numerous integration.

2-Is it possible to quick and instant resolution on the ticket?
    By checking the order id, the admin or support agent can provide an immediate response to the ticket.

3- What kind of customer order details can we see on the BigCommerce ticket?
It automatically populates the support ticket with order-related information.

4- Is it required to install the eCommerce package to use this module?
Yes, because the eCommerce package is a must, and as well as you must have it.

5- Can I save time By avoiding fraudulent queries?
  Yes, users can save time with the help of BigCommerce Order Fetch – UVdesk Open Source.

Click Here –Installation & Configuration Guide

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