About UVdesk

About UVdesk

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It helps us do the most important thing while running your business, customer service. You must be able to answer your customer’s questions, and what better than to be able to do it within Opencart! Not so many, if not “none”, offer such a system within the admin environment. Very easy!

Mr. Jamos Tan

C.E.O of Dasnietgek

UVdesk has been very instrumental and helpful in taking care of the customer relationship aspect of our business. We have been able to set up a fully professional customer helpdesk system with the help of UVdesk and that aspect of the business is fully taken care of for us to focus more on expansion.

Mr. Mojibola Fowowe

Founder of Jibosky

I highly recommend UVdesk. The features are great and the ticket system keeps me organized with customer inquiries, exchange requests, etc. The customer service team is great and if I ever need help or there is a glitch in the system, they attend to it right away. This is a great Helpdesk for a great price!

Alexis Castellano


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Organization which crafts software far enterprise level eCommerce business. Helping more than 80,000+ companies to scale their online business

Company Behind the UVdesk
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