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Taking Care of Customer Service for Middle East Logitics Supplychain Business


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Taking Care of Customer Service for Middle East Logitics Supplychain Business

How UVdesk has supported Elite Co. in GCC?

Elite Express Cargo is a logistics firm that takes care of shipping and supply in the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC). Elite is providing services all over GCC for almost a decade. It provides multiple shipping and supply services directly to companies and consumers.

Company or customer can check the full-fledged system, tracking on the web applications, custom reports, and modern APIs providing you a secure experience with Elite.

Elite connects with customers and companies to manage their requirements, orders, and queries so they need a specific system for that. UVdesk helps them to provide customer support on a daily basis. Before UVdesk they were facing many difficulties in managing customers.

Our UVdesk team had a conversation regarding the concern of Mr. Nitesh from Elite Co. and he describes his current workflow. So accordingly UVdesk team has provided the solution for the same.

UVdesk: What is the business purpose of Elite Co.?

Nitesh: Elite is providing service in GCC mainly UAE, Qatar, and a few other countries. We provide different types of services to customers and businesses. These are the service which is provided by the Elite-

  • Full Truckload (FTL) Shipping – For heavy packages
  • Less than Truckload (LTL) Shipping – For light and frequent packages
  • Last-Mile Delivery – Retailers product delivery, local delivery, and daily delivery for various items.
  • eCommerce Solutions – Provide integration with our services to connect any eCommerce store to provide supply solutions.
  • Warehousing – Multiple warehouses to hold the product and enhances the fast delivery
  • Customs Brokerage – Apply brokerage to jurisdiction for fare calculation
  • Contract Logistics – Provide contractual basis logistics service for your business.

UVdesk: In which countries do Elite Co. work majorly?

Nitesh: Majorly we deal in Gulf countries (GCC) like

  1. UAE
  2. Qatar
  3. Oman
  4. Bahrain
  5. Saudi Arabia
  6. Kuwait

We also do have offices all over these countries to provide better services to the customers of the GCC.

UVdesk: How do you work on the B2B model?

Nitesh: In Gulf Countries, people are engaging with several online business models to fulfill their supply chain requirements for packaging, shipping, and warehouse needs. Elite provides services to businesses. So they can integrate with us and solve the purpose and provide support to the customers.

UVdesk: How did this Business idea strike?

Nitesh: In the past few years people were struggling with the shipping and delivery of any item to their near ones. Also, big companies are unable to expand their business as they were unable to deliver products to the desired place in the meantime.

At that time we thought about simplifying the process of the supply chain and founded this company. As per customers’ requirements, we are growing day by day and fulfilling all their supply needs.

UVdesk: What were the challenges you faced while setting up your business?

Nitesh: We were facing a number of challenges in completing the requirements of the customers. Webkul has helped us to focus on our main work, not on client support and management.

However as Webkul offers so many solutions, we have succeeded in focussing on our core activities while automating the rest.

UVdesk: How is UVdesk helping you in managing customer support?

Nitesh: Uvdesk helps us focus on the most important thing while running your business is customer service. After integrating UVdesk we are able to answer our customer’s questions, and what better than to be able to do it within your system? UVdesk offers such a system within the admin environment to manage the tedious task of the customers. Now it become Very easy!

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