How is UVdesk easing in Mexico City?

We established the company in 2008, in Mexico City, with the aim of creating a company committed to its customers and UVdesk helped us for the same.

Always keeping in mind the values that govern us and always thinking about how we can contribute to the achievement of our clients’ purposes.

Our website is on Joomla and UVdesk offers Joomla Helpdesk Free Ticket System, features are more than enough to manage all the inquiries coming to my website, especially the features allows you to mage all coming inquires from Joomla Admin panel which is quite unique.

Now our customers and us can communicate and can have the complete record of all the conversation in a very systematic way to refer in future. The ticket system for self and clients makes the process easier to provide the right support and follow up.

What purpose is your business, the organization is solving?

Our purpose is to provide our clients with software-based solutions that allow them to improve their operations and decision-making processes, making them more profitable and competitive, in an increasingly digitalized and globalized environment.

How did this Business Idea clicked in your mind?


We wanted to become a strategic partner for each of our clients, in a truly effective win-win relationship so started the same.

Any advice to the users who are running a similar business as yours?

Take the responsibility of making your clients happy show absolute respect for customers, loyalty is a key part of the relationship to maintain clients and always stick to the commitment, value your clients and provide then reliable support all these factors will be helpful for any business.

How is UVdesk helping you in managing the customer support?

With UVdesk you can get everything and anything for assisting, helping and answering your customers in a very orderly and simple way, which guarantees that you’ll never miss out any customer inquiry.

UVDesk has everything we need to track a ticket generated by our customers, in order to provide them a complete support. Looks very easy, from creating a ticket to manage it, its control panel is very clean, so it is easy to understand how it works.

Support Representatives of UVdesk are Outstanding, no more words to describe them.

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