How UVdesk profited Ben & Jody in Shanghai, China?

We’re Ben & Jody – a husband and wife tandem who are not only in love with each other but also with identity & unique fashion. The Ben & Jody brand is our way of sharing with you a variety of pieces inspired by all the things we love.

Ben and jody

We have an assortment of men and women’s accessories, but we tend to focus more on ECO-friendly products. This is because we both love the outdoors, and we want our children to grow up seeing how wonderful our planet is!

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For running such kind of business we need a trustworthy system to manage customer support process in an easy way. We value our customers, their trust, and the money which they are putting in our product. A big thanks to UVdesk and the support team for making affordable helpdesk to manage our business in an expert way.

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How did this Business Idea clicked in your mind?

Bamboo – one of the most sustainable resources on the planet – and China is home to 1/5 of the world’s reserves of this emerald wonder. And we thought to utilize this factor with the style and creativity to open e-commerce website on a quite different concept.

Our products are manufactured in China and are shipped from there. This is because the majority of our products are made from bamboo. We also have an established relationship with our shipping partners, and this is why we can afford to offer you FREE SHIPPING on all items!

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B & J

We understand that some countries might have a longer delivery time. But no worries — we have a team of dedicated individuals to answer your questions and keep you updated regarding your purchases. We will be with you every step of the way.

So sit back, browse through our collections, and rest assured that you’re getting the most stylish (handcrafted & ECO-friendly) pieces at the best prices.

Any advice to the users who are running a similar business as yours?

Uplift your business to the immeasurable level by making your product and services available globally. you can succeed in business with happy customers which you will get by providing good customer support.

How is UVdesk helping you in managing the customer support?

As a startup store looking to get a good start with customer service, this was the obvious choice because of the great offerings even on the free plan.

The free version does not come with all the goodies but gets you an excellent baseline ticketing tool and storefront widget which should be enough to get you started.

Mailbox, workflow, bianka, knowledgebase, branding and ticket system have been very helpful for me to make my customer management process more easy and simpler. And UVdesk support is equally awesome. Very responsive and was able to resolve our issues.


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