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UVdesk is a helpdesk ticketing software available as a SaaS and Open source that allows to deliver better customer experience plus reduce the workload of sales repo by using effective and powerful inbuilt UVdesk features.

In this article, you’ll learn how to install and download open source UVdesk helpdesk solution that will help you to deploy an enterprise helpdesk project which suits every business needs and engage more customer as well.

Download UVdesk Open Source Help Desk

In order to download UVdesk open source helpdesk software, you need to visit UVdesk website from UVdesk.

Just download the zip file by choosing the right zip as per your current PHP version and extract at document root (In Apache, by default the files served are located in the subdirectory “htdocs” of the installation directory) or upload on specified server.

Download zip of Opensource helpdesk - UVdesk


In case you want to create or download the helpdesk project via command line and open in devlopment mode you can follow below mentioned command.

composer create-project uvdesk/community-skeleton helpdesk-project --stability dev

System Compatibility Requirements

Before creating your UVdesk Helpdesk project, make sure that you have already installed all the following Prerequisite –

  • Composer
  • PHP Version: PHP 7 or Higher
  • Web server: Apache, Nginx
  • PHP extensions: PHP IMAP and PHP Mailparse
  • Database required: MySQL
  • Prepared package: Wamp(for windows), Xampp(for Windows and Mac)

Create Database

Once you have extracted the file, you need to create a database which will be migrated with your UVdesk project.

To create the database you have to go database’s phpMydmin by entering your URL/phpmyadmin in the address bar of your browser, after entering below mentioned database details, you will get database tab, just hit on the same:

  • Database username
  • Database password

Database configuration with UVdesk

Now click on new option and put the name of database as it will require further while installation process and click on create button.

Create Database

Execute The Project

Once you have uploaded the project which you have downloaded from the website on your specified domain or local server, you will get all the files and folder residing under project directory.

Now need to click Public URL(ex: siteurl.com/public) to get started the process of UVdesk helpdesk installation.

Access public url for installation of UVdesk

After that, you will see the setup page of UVdesk custom helpdesk.

Setup UVdesk Open Source

Let’s set up helpdesk software using step by step process:

Step 1 – Evaluating system requirement

This page will check your system compatibility requirements and display the error in case it found some extensions will be missing.

Extensions check

Step 2 – Database Configuration

Just enter the required below database details and click on proceed.

  • Server
  • Port
  • Username
  • Password
  • Database

Database configuration
Step 3 – Super Admin Details

To access your application backend or admin panel need to create super admin details.

After that go ahead to next step by clicking to proceed button.Create Super admin details

Step 4 – Website Configuration

In case you want to change prefix member or admin panel, you can edit from this page.

Website Configuration

Step 5 – Database Migration

Now, Helpdesk project is ready to be installed and migrating with database.

Database migration with UVdesk

Step 6 – Project Installed 

Now installation has been done, just click on admin panel link which will redirect to administrator panel from where you can manage both your agent and customer as well.

Admin and Knowledgebase

1. Agent Dashboard 

Agent dashboard - UVdesk

To Access Agent Dashboard

By entering super admin credential which you have entered while installation you will be redirected to the UVdesk dashboard.

UVdesk Opensource dashboard

2. Knowledgebase

By clicking Knowledgebase link, will see the support panel where your customer explore some of your most popular and common articles and able to raised a ticket about their doubt.

Contact Us: In case your customer won’t be able to find their answer from knowledgebase page and wanna to contact with your support team then by clicking the contact us button he/she will be able to create a ticket

Sign In: Customer have separate panel that will help to check all updates and history of the tickets.

Knowledgebase UVdesk Open source

You have successfully installed and setup UVdesk Open Source Helpdesk , now you will need to setup mailbox to collect all the customer query as a ticket at one place.

Uvdesk.Yaml Configuration

To configure UVdesk.yaml file first you need to open project into editor, when you will open project into editor you will found config package, just click on config.

Now, under config => packages, you will find uvdesk.yaml file. Open uvdesk.yaml then you have to enter the address path of your public site url(ex. website.com/public) and update enteries in support email.

For an exapmple you can check out below code like i have installed my project on local server so my site url should be “localhost/uvdeskhelpdesk/public” and support email enteries will be like given below.

    site_url: 'localhost/uvdedskhelpdesk/public'
        id: uvdesk_demo@gmail.com
        name: UVDesk Community
        mailer_id: sample


Swift Mailer Configuration

Step 1– When you will go to the dashboard, you will see “Swift Mailer” icon under setting section.

Swift Mailer UVdesk Helpdesk

Step 2 – Now, just click on “Swift Mailer” and hit on add new button.

UVdesk Swiftmailer

Step 3 – Need to fill out all below details and proceed with by clicking “save changes” button.

  • Swift Mailer Id: Enter mailer Id name which will further use while creating mailboxes.
  • Transport: Write email service provider name
  • Email: Here you need to enter your support email Id which you want to configure with UVdesk.
  • Password: Enter the password for same email Id which you have entered.


Swiftmailer details

Mailbox Configuration

Step 1 – Next step is to click on “Mailbox” option under setting and hit on “New mailbox“.

UVdesk mailbox

Step 2 – Need to fill out all below details and proceed with by clicking “save changes” button.

  • Mailbox Id: Enter the name of mailbox
  • Sender Name: Enter the correspondents name
  • Swiftmailer Id: Mention mailer Id
  • IMAP Host
  • IMAP Email: Put email address of IMAP(incoming mail server)
  • IMAP Password: Enter password of given email.

Insert mailbox entry - UVdesk

Next step will be refresh mailbox by using below command

php bin/console uvdesk:refresh-mailbox uvdesk_demo@gmail.com

Here we have done all the settings of mailbox configuration, now you can able to send and receive emails over the ticket panel.

Now you can continue with UVdesk to deliver better customer service experience. Keep a loyal and friendly relation with your customer by assisting amazing customer support with UVdesk Opensource Helpdesk.

Thank you for viewing this blog, please share your kind views about this Open source Helpdesk Project on Support or support@uvdesk.com

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    Hi, Does this come with Binaka app?


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      Hi Le,
      Thank you for showing your interest in our new open source helpdesk project.
      As of now, Binaka app doesn’t include in UVdesk Opensource solution.
      Hopefully, we will implement it in our next update, till then stay tuned with us.
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