How to Boost Overall Performance of Shopify Store

Updated 1 March 2022

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Customers preferred to buy online in present world, as it’s a quick and smooth process to purchase online without connecting with a support person.

80% Consumers around the globe moving towards mobile smartphones, tablets, and traditional method that brings huge achievement in the eCommerce market.

Online Shopping customer ratio

Source: Statista

Crowd of leads available online but nonetheless there is no enough sell on your Shopify store Why? Why customer buy from you when the number of alternatives is there until then you haven’t offered some additional or convenient care.

Only 40% of Shopify e-commerce websites putting their right effort and achieving good traffic and sales as well such a basic strategy should be adapted to each business who wants to boost sales and conversion rate.

Only some practices, tools, strategy and good quality support may bring enough sales for your business, though it may includes the count of risk when you are running an online business.

It’s time for someone to take a deep dive into the sale challenges and practices specific to the Shopify E-commerce industry.

Social Media Marketing

Social media advertising is a must for brands, more and more traffic can achieve through social media, although before doing this you must know about who your ideal customer.

Today’s each stage of generation is active on social media either your targeted audience is a child, teenagers, man, woman, and old peoples.

Where People thinks they are special and that they could get anything they offer by quickly reaching service provider through same channel without doing extra effort.

Get people to your site to make a purchase via social media by doing regular post, sharing informative content with attractive images and short videos or captions plus updating about sales, discounts, and new products give you a better result.

I strongly recommend that you social media approach works to boost your Shopify store sale upto 200% plus to manage a high volume of traffic you should have a stable tool to revert back.

Shopify UVdesk Helpdesk

As UVdesk offers Helpdesk solution that supports social media integration by which convert your customers comments and feeds into the ticket and acknowledge them with your sincere gratitude for getting in touch with you whether the comment is positive or negative.

Create Engaging Content

Double your traffic by the production of good quality content and raise your website on the first page of SERP. Make sure your content should be relevant and useful for those who you have targeted.

Your content must includes images, graphics, inforgraphics, quotes, videos, etc to make more understandable for readers.

Content should be optimized and subcategorize, as online readers prefer easy to read and scannable content that will get you more leads.

Never write long content, your content quantity never affects customer engagement, sometime long content get bored your customer.

Keep each sentence and heading simple and sweet so that users can easily read shared information easily.

Show Customer Feedback & Reviews

When I’m deciding whether or not to buy something, for example, I typically ask my friends for recommendations and then do a lot of online research of my options.

Customer feedback is something important for an eCommerce business that may increase or decrease sale which directly effect on your customer strength.

Customers are the key to thrive in any business so right time follow up and solving their raised concern can be the biggest marketing point to get positive reviews which will build trust to the coming new eyes.

As we all know good feedback attract new eyes and build sale as well but that doesn’t necessary you got always positive feedback.

No need to worry, just showcase all value feedback on your website and try to convert negative feedback into positive if any.

Instant Customer Support

Customer support is the backbone of every business. Customers want to know A to Z about product and service before ordering something from your store.

You always there to give an answer to each inquiry and doubt, multi-channel support is required to manage all at one place thus helpdesk solutions are in trend.

Is helpdesk solution can provide instant support? – Yes!! There is no doubt at all choosing a Helpdesk software is a good choice however it should be simple and quick to access.


Customers are getting irritating as they received numerous notification on email which is useless, thus they hating to share their personal data or sign up process.

Both knowledgebase and Live chat support resolve 80% inquiries within a shorter time period which customer loved.

Even you can make multiple web forms on store. When a customer comes to your website, they are supplied with specific categories to choose from that describe their problem.

This makes it easier for them to explain the problem, as you can give them helpful prompts to get them started.

We offer a fully functional Helpdesk systemUVdesk to deliver better customer experience especially designed for Shopify platform, which is quite easy to access and most popular among all the Shopify merchants.

Opt Right Tool to Enhance Agents Performance

Today’s Customer experience(CX) is the hottest topics in the eCommerce world, As every business is unique but the one thing is common that is “Customer Inquiry & Customer Experience” which is a high priority for each business.

To get better CX everyone putting extra effort in each direction, therefore, the deep involvement of sales rep required to handle such kind of inquiry to keep better customer experience.

If some of your support agents don’t give their best, that puts the whole business and support teams at risk.

Thus being a business holder you have the right tool to track agent performance and analyze the quality of customer support.

UVdesk can be used to measure agent performance and ticket flow. If you have all of these metrics and figures organized on one page, it’s much simpler to track ticket resolution time, Average Ticket Measures, and, Fastest Ticket Records.

The above dashboard gives insight into the performance of the support team, One can quickly track all reports such as first response time, response time and resolved time within one click.

Now you have a sizable list of tactics and practices to help you generate more traffic and increase online sales. In the case of any doubt, please email us at support@uvdesk.com and we will surely come up with the best solution possible.

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