How to create Helpdesk contact form in Joomla?

Joomla is a free and open-source content management system (CMS) for publishing web content built on PHP ( Wikipedia ). This CMS is trusted by many customers around the world and around 2,234,202 users are using Joomla for their website ( Source).  By default, Joomla provides Contact Us Form for the older version ( below 2.5 version ) but for the new version ( 3.x) there is no default Contact Us form. So, many users make use of various third party Contact Us Form plugins for your Joomla site to provide an edge to your site. We all know the importance of the Contact Form on the website as it is a medium by which the customer can ask their query to the store owner and without any Contact Us form, it will be difficult for the customers to communicate their doubts to the store owner.

One Form is not enough for your site- 

For running an eCommerce site on Joomla, you have to use VirtueMart. For caching, RSS feeds, printable versions of pages, news flashes, blogs, etc you can make use of Joomla ( Source ). Now, taking the example of an eCommerce site, for adding the functionality of “Contact Us” form, people uses different third party plugins in Joomla. Now, there may be the vulnerability in plugins which may be a threat to your website. Also, a site needs more than one form to be connected to the customers like Feedback Form, Poll Form, Subscription form, etc. So, only one form is not enough for your online business. When the online business grows then it becomes bit complex and for handing the form we have UVdesk Helpdesk System.

Better Query Management- 

The website owner can also link the “Contact Us” form with their Email id so that they can get the queries of the customer over their mail inbox. This seems simple ( replying to customer’s queries) but the management part is not as easy as it seems. Suppose you have a single form for example “Contact Us” form on your site. Now, you may get 500 – 1000 customer queries daily and it will be difficult for the site owner to reply 500 queries daily and there might be chances that he misses any query and if the customer doesn’t get any revert in stipulated time then chances are that customer will go away.

Video Tutorial- 

In case you hire people ( for example Associates) for replying the customer queries, then there might be the possibility that some of the associates do not reply properly to the customers and due to this nature, you might lose the sale and reputation.  Let us take another example, where you had some important data in the customer’s query.

You can make use of Form Builder App by  UVdesk which a new ticket is created when any users submit the form. In this way, a separate ticket would be created which will look standard and its management will be easy. You can reply to the queries via the ticket and the customer will get the reply on their email address only. If the customer has any other doubt, they can ask from the mail only and the query will get updated on the ticket system automatically. By the help of Form Builder App, you can create multiple forms for your website for different purposes like you can create one form for the feedback, another form for any other services as per the requirement.

You can easily see which queries are resolved or answered on the UVdesk. You can even see which customer queries are in the pending stage and which queries are closed by the “Agents” which the created the owner only. The site owner can keep a check on the agent’s replies which are sent to the customers. You can filter the tickets on the basis of Agents, Customers, Groups, Team, Priority. You can create “Tags” and assign important queries under that tag and later you can find that query easily by the help of the “Tag”.

Superior Security-

Every online business needs to be immune to online threats and hacking. Online hacking occurs due to the SQL Injection. In Joomla, a lot of plugins and many programmers does not understand the complexity of the plugins and loopholes is created. Due to the loopholes, SQL Injection occurs. As per this article ( Source ) “Not all 3rd party extensions are free from trouble, and some are just plain horrible, buggy and contain vulnerabilities. Each 3rd party extension is another component which might expose you to vulnerabilities and must be kept up to dateand due to these loopholes your site gets hacked.


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Coming to Form Builder App, it is highly secure as the form created from the UVdesk is generated from te UVdesk server. If we talk about the long run, then UVdesk is best for your website ( irrespective of any platform). You just have to add any number of fields and create forms. After that UVdesk, will take care of everything as our main concern is for the security. Using the right tools, you can generate the business.

Compatible with every theme and existing Joomla site- 

After the UVdesk installation, there would be no compatibility issue with your existing theme as it is a SaaS based product and it runs in independently within your system. So, whatever theme you have installed on your site ( even custom theme), UVdesk will work without any issue. Even if your site is highly customized ( like you have added plenty of custom plugins), in that case also, the forms created by the UVdesk will work seamlessly and help you to provide great support to your customers.The form created with UVdesk will go with your theme. It will improve the appearance of your site. I hope you enjoyed this blog. In case of any doubt, please mail us at support@uvdesk.com

Note- To add iframe or script, we need to enable an option in admin side after that we can public or add form to your site. Go to the Global Configuration, under that Text Filter Settings and under that Super Users. From the frop-down select “No Filtering” in “Filter Type1” and enter “iframe” in “Filter Tags2”.

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