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Seller Buyer Chat



Power your helpdesk system with Seller Buyer Chat and provide better quality support by enabling your customers to chat/discuss with designated agents over chat establishing a real time communication between the customer and agent. Provide instant support to your customers and improve your overall customer satisfaction rating.

Click here- Installation & Configuration Guide

The Seller Buyer Chat consists mainly of two different types of account:

Merchant Account: Merchant is the owner of the app through whom a plan has been subscribed. In terms of your UVDesk Helpdesk, a Merchant can be any agent with role Administrator.

Seller Account: Sellers are different agents associated with a Seller Buyer App with whom a customer can communicate with. In terms of your UVDesk Helpdesk, a seller can be any agent.

The Seller Buyer Chat provides merchants with 3 different subscriptions:

Bronze: Supports 3 sellers(agents) out of the box

Silver: Supports 10 sellers(agents) out of the box

Gold: Supports 20 sellers(agents) out of the box