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Joomla Helpdesk


Joomla Free Helpdesk Ticket System integrates the UVdesk system to the Joomla store.

UVdesk – Joomla Helpdesk Ticket System can be called as a virtual support system where a single person (site admin) can easily manage the entire customer support.

Joomla UVdesk Helpdesk Features:

Using this add-on admin can manage all their tickets from Joomla store admin panel.

Customers can also respond to tickets from the front-end of Joomla store.

The updates/replies on the tickets will be instantly updated on both the platforms i.e.

If admin responds to a ticket using Joomla Store then the reply made will also be updated on the UVdesk.

All the changes are made in real-time on both the platforms.

This add-on provides a platform with the help of which site owner(Admin) can be easily connected with their customers in order to provide them support (after-sale and presale)in real time.

All the communication via UVdesk is recorded so admin can check the history of any ticket at any point of time.

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